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Agencies are Making an Impact Worldwide – Let’s Celebrate the Impact You Make.

Open to agencies working in SEO, Paid Media, Content, Social Media, Branding, PR, Advertising, Paid Media, B2B and B2C.

The Global Agency Awards is recognising and rewarding the work of agencies who are transforming businesses through innovative engaging strategies across multiple marketing media and in specific areas of expertise.

What does it take to win an award on a global scale?

Global Award recognition is not about being international! The categories are designed to recognise and celebrate large and small agencies, working locally, regionally and internationally. Small agencies vs small agencies, international agencies vs international agencies, local campaigns vs local campaigns and small budgets vs small budget. So no matter where you are working you can pitch your work against agencies similar to yours from around the world. What makes these awards the ultimate accolade is the competition is global.

So why should your agency get involved?

Here are our top reasons why you should enter:

Rewarding top quality campaigns
Celebrate the success of great campaigns or strategies.

Increased credibility
To prove or evidence to clients that your agency or campaigns are the best in their sector internationally. Award wins raise awareness of your agency and create PR opportunities to showcase your achievements.

Employee motivation
Awards recognise the hard work and achievements of your employees so winning one can help boost staff morale and improve motivation.

Attracting talent
Awards validate your hiring stature among new recruits. Being an award winning agency will help you recruit and retain talent.

Judges’ expertise
The awards are judged by a panel of industry experts and influential people working in brands, providing a perfect opportunity to showcase the quality and standard of your work.

New business
Credible award wins will help you win new business.

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The awards are brought to you by Don’t Panic – reputable, ethical and credible accredited awards organisers and the team behind the successful Search Awards Series, the Social Media Awards Series, the Content Awards Series, the Company Culture Awards series, the Paid Media Awards Series, and of course the Agency Award series.