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Semahead in running for 4 Global Agency Awards

Author image Published by Sue Johns-Chapman
Published Date 16.05.2022

At Semahead, we based our work on three pillars: knowledge, strategy and technology. These values consistently lead our campaigns to the avant-garde of Polish performance marketing. We are proud to be a finalist of Global Agency Awards in Integrated Search Agency of the Year category but… we are also finalist in four categories in another Don’t Panic Projects – European Search Awards 2022! Do you want to get to know us better? 

We are Performance Marketing 360 Agency 

Performance means we are focused on the customer’s result. All our online marketing activities are designed to increase the effectiveness of campaigns, sales and our partners companies. And for that, as experts, we are held accountable. 

360 means that, as one of the few agencies in Poland, we have complete competences to implement all available digital marketing services. This is a guarantee that the development horizon of our clients is almost unlimited. 

How Semahead works? 

In our everyday activities we focus primarily on implementing multi-channel 360 marketing strategies offering solutions closely tailored to the needs of our clients. In the era of dynamic development of digital marketing, it is not enough to just do the work properly. The competences’ improvement must be integrated into the organization’s continuous development process. Therefore, at Semahead we are constantly developing, not only our skills, but also skills of our clients. 

People are the key factor in the development of the campaign and our agency. We plan effectively, because for us the way to achieve goals is to take concentrated actions. Our tools are the main driving force of our progress. Equipped with knowledge, we build a strategy which will be implemented employing the best available technology. For ourselves and our projects. 

At Semahead, ambition always goes hand in hand with strategy. We plan in accordance with the developed methodology, thanks to which we are sure of the assumptions made later. 

Semahead’s achievments

We definitely rocked in last few years! We are proud to receive many nominations and awards, a lot of them were incredibly special and valuable in the digital marketing industry.  

We won the bronze Effie Awards statuette in the Performance Marketing category! The jury appreciated our performance 360 for the e-shop. 

Thanks to our teams in 2021 & 2020 we won honors and awards: 

  • 8 nominations in European Search Awards 2021 in following categories:
    Finance, Travel/Leisure, B2C, Automotive, FMCG, Fashion, Best Local Campaign and Best Low Budget Campaign 
  • Nomination in Global Agency Awards in Integrated Agency of the Year category, 
  • We won award for the Best Marketing Tool in E-COMMERCE POLAND AWARDS 2020 – Fix Analytics 
  • 2 nominations in Google Premier Partner Awards 
  • 3 nominations in Performance Marketing Diamonds CEE 
  • More & more…  

What would winning mean for Semahead? 

Last year was very tough for our agency, for our employees but we are still in the game – with a new specialists, a new management board, but what is most important – with a huge motivation to expand our brand and services in the digital marketing industry. Winning would give us a huge boost for work and development. In 2021, we proved that what matters to us in business are people more than anything else.  

What makes us unique? Amazing relationships in the whole agency and in every team, but also a strong bond with our clients. We are stronger than we thought back in June 2021. It’s good to know that we have specialists in our team as well as committed and dedicated people who create an excellent and specialized agency. 

Learn more about us on social media and get inspired (we use Polish language): 

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