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DexterKrema’s Revolutionary Cookie-less Hyper-Personalized Marketing Solution Shortlisted at Global Agency Awards

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Published Date 03.06.2024

The hard work and impressive results of DexterKrema’s campaign for Hankook Tire have been recognized across many award organizations this year. Most recently, the project has been shortlisted for the “Campaign Effectiveness Award” at the prestigious Global Agency Awards.

About Us

DexterKrema is a Seoul-based agency founded in 2009 on the idea that big change starts small. This flexible organization full of talented forward-thinkers is constantly adapting to this ever-changing industry. Offering leading services in creative strategy, campaign planning, copywriting, branding, media planning, market research, and e-commerce, DexterKrema produces expert work serving both Korean and international audiences.

The “Krema” in the DexterKrema name was inspired by crema, the golden foam atop a well-made espresso. Crema affects the aroma, taste, and temperature — but the espresso is still the main attraction. DexterKrema seeks to do the same in providing expertise with invaluable client insight to produce a unique flavor for each project.

DexterKrema team
The DexterKrema team

Our Award-Nominated Work

In the fast-changing world of digital marketing, DexterKrema has made a big splash with their innovative “Cookie-less Hyper-personalized Marketing Practice Using Search Query Data and Dynamic Creative Optimization” campaign for Hankook Tire. Tasked with breaking into the Northern European winter tire market, especially in Sweden, DexterKrema used the latest technology and data analysis to create a personalized marketing strategy that set new industry standards.

Hankook Tire wanted to make an impact in the competitive Northern European market, targeting consumers during the important winter season. The challenge was to engage a diverse audience with relevant and compelling content without relying on traditional cookie-based tracking methods. DexterKrema tackled this by developing a thorough targeting strategy based on a detailed analysis of search keyword data from Google.

Starting by creating detailed consumer personas using search term data, this analysis helped the team understand different consumer intentions and behaviors – essential aspects in tailoring the visual and written content of the ads. Each persona represented a unique segment of the target audience, ensuring the marketing materials were relevant and engaging across a range of consumers.

The core of the campaign was Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO). Using the full power of the Google Marketing Platform—including DV360, CM360, Google Studio, and Google Web Designer—DexterKrema adjusted their messaging to match the unique interests, behaviors, and contexts of each target audience. They used search data, geo-targeting, and weather APIs to customize the ads based on location and weather conditions.

This strategy led to significant improvements over traditional programmatic advertising. The campaign achieved a CTR increase of nearly 6x, from 0.42% to 2.49%. Additionally, the CPC was reduced by nearly 90%. These metrics show the campaign’s success and highlight the potential of DCO and DexterKrema’s smart use of technology in creating effective marketing messages.

As a Google-certified agency, DexterKrema had the skills and expertise to run a campaign that exceeded client expectations, strengthening DexterKrema’s partnership with Hankook Tire and leading to more collaborations beyond Northern Europe.

DexterKrema workplace
DexterKrema’s workplace

The Team’s Reaction

“We are thrilled and honored to have been shortlisted,” the team shared. “At DexterKrema, we have leveraged consumer search data to execute hyper-personalized marketing campaigns in the era of cookieless tracking, significantly enhancing both our advertising performance and operational efficiency. We take pride in being the first Certified Partners of Google Studio in Asia, bringing our expertise in creating hyper-personalized content using the Google Marketing Platform.”

“Being recognized in this way is a testament to our innovative approach and dedicated efforts. We are deeply grateful for this recognition and look forward to sharing more good news in the future!”

Our Future Work

The success of this cookie-less, hyper-personalized marketing campaign sets a new standard for future advertising strategies. As privacy rules get stricter and consumers become more privacy-conscious, being able to deliver personalized content without cookies will become more important. DexterKrema’s innovative approach illustrates how to handle these changes effectively. As the marketing world continues to change, DexterKrema is well-positioned to lead the way with innovative approaches and proven success in global markets.

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