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Digital Hitmen Leading the AI Revolution in Digital Marketing

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Published Date 31.05.2024

AI is transforming the marketing landscape, offering unprecedented opportunities for efficiency and innovation.

Digital Hitmen, a Perth-based digital marketing agency, is at the forefront of this revolution, integrating AI into their processes to deliver more effective solutions for their clients.

About Digital Hitmen

Specialising in SEO, paid search, web design, and social media, Digital Hitmen has earned numerous local and international SEO awards over the last two years.

They have been shortlisted for prestigious accolades such as the SEMrush Search Awards and Global Search Awards.

Their exceptional customer service has also been recognised with multiple wins at the Australian Achiever Awards.

Their Results

Digital Hitmen’s innovative use of AI allowed them to massively ramp up content production within the same budget, yielding impressive results for Big Dog Spices.

Organic traffic increased from 524 per month to 5,297 per month from April 1st, 2023, to March 31st, 2024.


The Three Pillars of Digital Hitmen’s AI Strategy

Offering incredible potential for increased efficiency and quality of work, Digital Hitmen believe it is crucial for both agencies and clients to embrace innovations early to stay ahead of the competition.

The award-winning agency has dedicated themselves to using AI ethically and responsibly, and advocate for maintaining transparency and trust in all AI applications to ensure that clients are always informed and comfortable with the technologies used.

To put it simply, their approach to using AI can be condensed down into three key pillars.

1. Adding Value for Clients

Digital Hitmen’s primary goal is to add value for their clients by delivering high-quality, impactful solutions. They focus on strategies that provide maximum benefit, as exemplified by their work with Big Dog Spices.

  • More Thorough Research: Using ChatGPT, Digital Hitmen expanded key content topics into detailed clusters, identifying high-potential areas with substantial search volume and low difficulty keywords.
  • Genuine Optimisation: Their custom Helpfulness Rater GPT assessed top-ranking results and identified opportunities to enhance content further, ensuring that content remained competitive and valuable, driving sustained traffic growth and improved keyword rankings.

Prioritising value over shortcuts, Digital Hitmen has consistently delivered exceptional results for their clients, demonstrating how a detailed, client-centric approach can transform digital marketing outcomes.

2. Transparent Communication about AI Processes

Digital Hitmen emphasises transparent communication about their AI processes to build trust and ensure client satisfaction.

  • Content Briefs: Detailed briefs crafted using ChatGPT, incorporating client insights and high-ranking blogs, were shared with Big Dog Spices, ensuring alignment and valuable feedback.
  • Client Collaboration: Continuous communication and shared content calendars kept the client informed about progress and upcoming content. First-hand insights from the client helped target the right keywords and craft relevant content.
  • Customisation: Digital Hitmen developed custom AI tools like the Helpfulness Rater GPT and AI Copywriter GPT. They clearly communicated their capabilities and limitations, providing guidelines for creating SEO-optimised content and maintaining the right tone of voice.

This transparent communication fostered a strong partnership with Big Dog Spices, ensuring that AI-driven strategies were both effective and trustworthy, strengthening the relationship and improving the quality of work.

3. Incorporating Valuable Insights and First-Hand Experiences

Digital Hitmen ensures their AI content strategies incorporate valuable insights and first-hand experiences from both clients and SEO experts, guaranteeing technically proficient and authentic content.

  • Client Insights: Actively seeking out client insights to enhance content, Digital Hitmen incorporated first-hand knowledge about products and target audiences. Key events relevant to Big Dog Spices’ target audience – such as the AFL Grand Final and Christmas – were included to attract significant traffic.
  • Custom Copywriting Prompts: Digital Hitmen’s process ensured AI-generated content maintained a human touch. ChatGPT was provided with content from the client’s author bio and About Us page, along with a detailed blog outline, resulting in high-quality content reflecting the client’s unique voice and expertise.
  • Expert Review: A humanising prompt for ChatGPT was developed to produce natural outputs. Content generated by AI was meticulously reviewed, edited, and optimised by their SEO lead, ensuring it met quality standards and aligned with the client’s expectations.

Combining the efficiency of AI with the authenticity of human expertise, Digital Hitmen has delivered exceptional results for Big Dog Spices, ensuring content remains relevant and engaging for the target audience.

Client Testimonial

“We’re amazed by the huge boost in traffic to our site and the business that comes with it! Digital Hitmen has completely transformed our online presence, and we couldn’t be happier with the results.” – Luke Nofal, Big Dog Spices


Digital Hitmen’s partnership with Big Dog Spices showcases how innovative use of AI can transform digital marketing.

By leveraging advanced tools and techniques, they streamlined their content creation process, resulting in a significant boost in traffic and engagement.

The benefits are clear: increased organic traffic, improved keyword rankings, and high-quality content that resonates with the target audience.

Prioritising ethical use, continued experimentation, and client transparency, Digital Hitmen hopes that its recognition at the Global Agency Awards will inspire other digital marketers to follow suit.

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