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Booster Box Finalists for PPC Agency of the Year

Author image Published by Sue Johns-Chapman
Published Date 23.05.2022

Booster Box’s a performance agency specialised in scientific marketing, in a nutshell. We’re excited and grateful we made the finals for the prestigious PPC Agency of the Year, but at the same time we think we know how to run things and might be aware we deserve it. Not setting the tone, so thank you!

We do really accept we can’t do everything and are happy with it. Whilst not claiming to be specialised in everything, we decided to be the world champions of Performance Marketing. Cool as that! We have a highly quantitative approach thanks to our team of data scientists, developers, mathematicians and PPC specialists. 

Long story short we provide our clients with an unfair advantage in highly competitive industries and super complex sectors where tons of data is required, true fact. Our daily mantras are dataism (data-driven decision making is mandatory on our side), automation (pinky swear we have built space-awesome tools) and ownership (we work towards a trust relationship with our clients, sweating as one crew). 

We were Born in 2016 as 3 people with a turnover of €175K. Headquarters are in Pietrasanta, Tuscany, a place known for hills, wine and oil, close to Florence: the birthplace of the Renaissance and a major cultural and economic centre (suffice to say its main ‘Piazza’ was the equivalent of modern Times Square back in the 15th century). 

Be that as it may, we’re not spending time looking back at our heritage but rather evolving fast, being today a team of 66 and growing with a €4.4M+ revenue and a shining 78% YoY metric. Our +60 medium and large clients resulting in €40M+ of managed budget are highly-satisfied (they said so) and gave us the chance to exceed our goals in revenue, EBITDA, people and retention. 

Despite our unconventional in-the-middle-of-nowhere location (you’d love it), we’re not in the trade-off game of settling for sub-par talent and clients. Indeed, our ultimate goal is to build the Italian Silicon Valley: Silicon Tuscany! As we love challenges, we aim at creating a tech ecosystem in an underdeveloped and totally unexpected location, attracting the most amazing minds and kickstarting revolutionary technologies. We are focusing on large, mostly global companies with our main markets being the US, UK and Israel. 

Treatwell’s one of those! Thanks to our valuable collaboration, we’re so proud we made the finals for the Campaign Effectiveness Award, with the case: dynamic keyword management on Brand Campaign. The team did an incredible job at building a dynamic tool to monitor and compare paid and organic results for Treatwell queries. To avoid paying for already-covered queries, the tool automatically switches off the bidding for keywords that rank higher than the SERP average, while leaving the others active. Besides providing a solution to the never-ending dilemma of PPC (to bid or not to bid on brand keywords?), effectiveness is the essence of this solution since it led to the reallocation of a whopping 80% of the brand campaigns budget!

The other case with which we made the finals for the Best Social Media Campaign Award comes from collaborating with 24Ore Business School in the education industry, the latter facing exponential growth in 2020 and 2021. We wanted to find a non-traditional way to keep this momentum! Having already tested all types of lead generation ads, we came up with the creation of a quiz-style chatbot which pulls in information from respondents’ answers to provide the best-suited course for them, ultimately collecting user preferences and contact information for the client. The chatbot is promoted through Facebook Ads and is Messenger native. We scored high by leveraging on playfulness and gamification, so much that the chatbot increased leads by 93% with a 20% reduction on CPL. 

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