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Rudaw: Leading with Integrity, Innovating for Impact, Inspiring the World

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Published Date 05.06.2024

Rudaw Media Network, an independent media establishment disseminates written, visual, and audio content. Though it operates on a for-profit basis, its primary mission is to broadcast information and facts professionally. Unbound by geographic borders or ideologies, Rudaw maintains a global perspective in its content delivery.

Headquartered in Erbil, the capital of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, Rudaw Media Network has offices in several countries worldwide. It publishes content in Kurdish, English, Arabic, and Turkish, supported and owned by Rudaw Company, with Ako Mohammed as the Chief Executive Officer.

Rudaw Company ventured into media in April 2008 with the launch of its website. By May 14, 2013, the site evolved into a comprehensive portal and social media platform, marking a significant milestone for the network. This platform publishes in multiple languages: Kurdish (Sorani and Kurmanci), English, Arabic, and Turkish. The development of Rudaw’s mobile app in these languages was groundbreaking for media in Kurdistan and the broader region. Additionally, Rudaw’s Smart TV and CarPlay apps were the first of their kind in Kurdistan and Iraq.

Rudaw’s digital presence has seen remarkable achievements. On February 28, 2018, during the 13th World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA) conference in Dubai, Rudaw was awarded for its influential social media presence in the Middle East. This recognition underscores the network’s innovation and impact in the digital space.

In 2012, Rudaw Company began preparing to launch the multimedia Rudaw Media Network. By May 29, 2013, Rudaw radio and television broadcasting commenced. The network’s branding was a blend of professional aesthetics and Kurdish cultural elements. Rudaw TV’s 24-hour broadcast was a first in Kurdistan, differentiating it from other regional channels that had limited programming.

Rudaw’s innovative production and management approaches set it apart. The network’s documentaries, totaling 540 to date, have garnered awards both locally and internationally. Research indicates that Rudaw TV is the most-watched Kurdish television channel, with its portal and social media platforms also leading in viewership.

Rudaw was a pioneer in launching HD quality broadcasts in Kurdistan and Iraq in 2013. The network employs state-of-the-art systems and equipment from companies like Yamaha, Sony, and Sennheiser. Utilizing advanced technology from Imagine Communications and AVID, Rudaw ensures seamless integration of production processes. VIZRT graphics enhance the visual quality of broadcasts, displayed on screens from Orion, Barco, and Samsung.

Rudaw’s comprehensive coverage of regional and global events has solidified its reputation as a reliable news source. Its reporting on ISIS attacks, and other conflict zones, brought global attention to Rudaw Media Network. Esteemed publications like Germany’s Die Tageszeitung and NTV have recognized Rudaw’s credibility and impact.

In April 2015, Rudaw became a member of the European News Exchange (ENEX), followed by a partnership with Associated Press in November 2016. These affiliations extended Rudaw’s global reach, showcasing its logo on international platforms.

Rudaw’s live coverage of significant events, such as the Istanbul airport attack and the Baghdad parliament assault, has been broadcasted globally. The network’s ongoing commitment to delivering high-quality, timely news has earned it numerous accolades, including the prestigious International Business Awards’ Gold Stevie Award in 2023 for its exceptional achievements in media and entertainment. In 2024, Rudaw won seven Telly Awards and one Webby Award for its outstanding documentaries.

Rudaw Media Network stands as a beacon of professionalism and innovation in the media landscape. With a robust digital presence, a rich legacy in print media, advanced technological infrastructure, and comprehensive broadcast coverage, Rudaw continues to inform and engage audiences worldwide, setting new standards in Kurdish and global media.

Winning the Best Large Agency of the Year (26+ employees) award from the Global Agency Awards is significant for Rudaw as it recognizes the network’s excellence, innovation, and influence in the media industry. This accolade enhances Rudaw’s credibility, showcases its professional standards, and underscores its impact on a global scale, reinforcing its position as a leading media organization.

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