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Small Agency, Big Wins: Inside Ooze Studios’ Innovative Approach to Client Success and Team Wellbeing

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Published Date 04.06.2024

Ooze Studios has been shortlisted in the Global Agency Award 2024 – Best Small Agency of the Year category.  This award nomination highlights what sets them apart: a unique focus on data, creativity and people.

Based in Australia, Ooze is a boutique agency specialising in delivering ROI-focused marketing and website solutions. They cater to a diverse clientele, including D2C e-commerce brands, B2B consulting firms and SaaS companies. 

Oozing Beyond Awards

Jesse Ocean, Managing Director at Ooze, sums up the team’s excitement: “The team and I are absolutely buzzing that our small but oozesome org of 16 humans is getting recognised for our work and our client’s success. But we’re not just chasing trophies; we’re chasing big impacts for our clients.” 

Their passion translates into action through Ooze’s unique structure. Five functional pods ensure specialised strategies and focused care for their small group of clients. Each pod consists of a cross-functional team dedicated to a select number of clients, allowing for tailored solutions and personalised attention. Each team’s diversity and values-driven culture foster an environment where innovation and care thrive, leading to exceptional outcomes.

Here’s a glimpse of Ooze’s impressive track record:

  • Helped a client achieve record-breaking monthly revenue with a staggering ROAS of 42 (that’s an ROI of 4,200%!!!).
  • Increased another client’s orders by 250% year-over-year (1,022 versus 399 the previous year).
  • Executed ad and content campaigns that resulted in sold-out events for a global brand.
  • Boosted website traffic to 50k monthly visits and skyrocketed client satisfaction from 6.2 to 9.5.

Despite its size, Ooze has a big vision: to be the best agency to work with in the world

“Clients are the secret sauce that keeps us constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation. To keep discovering new tools, learning new strategies, so we stay ahead of the curve and solve the complex problems we tackle every day.” 

– Kim Carbon, B2C Account Manager & Digital Content Writer

The Ooze Studios team

They’re taking major steps to achieve their vision through several key strategies, including:

  • Understanding user needs

Ooze takes time to deeply understand their clients’ target audiences. Through research and analysis, they identify needs, pain points and motivations as they create ideal customer personas. This forms the foundation for all their marketing and website development efforts.

  • Establishing extensive platform partnerships

Ooze leverages cutting-edge tools and platforms to deliver exceptional results. For example, their official partnership with Google allows them to implement advanced analytics and targeting strategies for their ad campaigns. Similarly, their partnership with Shopify gives them access to resources that benefit their D2C clients.

  • Tailored data-driven campaigns

Ooze understands each client’s unique challenges. They adapt all campaigns to different audiences and regularly optimise them based on data insights, ensuring their clients’ messages are clear and impactful across various platforms.

  • R.O.I. focused 

Ooze develops the best customer experience journey with conversion rate optimisation at the forefront of all creative processes. Their primary goal is to generate revenue at a good rate of return. They achieve success by creating and launching CRO digital products such as landing pages, lead magnets, with highly targeted ads and content. This combination creates the platform to launch effective marketing strategies.

One Oozesome Team

“This recognition validates the efficiency and dedication we put into our people and systems.” – Dianne Omoso-Pribhdas, Talent & Operations Leader 

Understanding that a happy team leads to happy clients, Ooze offers a comprehensive benefits package comparable to what larger agencies offer:

  • Flexible time with a core working hours structure for great work-life balance.
  • Health insurance with access to clinics, hospitals and healthcare professionals, including licensed wellbeing experts and an extensive library of wellbeing resources.
  • Online certification courses that all members can access.
  • Tailored career development programs that integrate soft skills, hard skills and personal development.
  • Allowance for team members who want to work outside the home for their social wellbeing.
  • Generous paid leave package, including 4 weeks of annual leave and all Australian (Victoria) public holidays.
  • Weekly social downtime and fun quizzes with global colleagues.

These benefits support Ooze’s ambitious plan to expand their pod structure, acquire more specialists and secure more clients. 

The future is bright for the Ooze Studios team, and their passion for client success is truly inspiring. 
Visit their site or connect with them on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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