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Back For More! Social Chameleon In The Running for Global Agency Awards

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Published Date 04.06.2024

Hey, Nice To Meet You, We’re Social Chameleon.

Allow us to introduce ourselves…

Winners of Social Media Agency Of The Year (2022), Digital Agency of the Year (2023), Award for Agency Innovation (2023), ProcureCon Dragon’s Den Award (2023), as well as being trailblazers of Search-First Social Strategies, it’s fair to say we have a few accolades to our name already.

That’s why we’re so thrilled to announce that we’ve also been shortlisted for ‘Best Social Media Campaign’, following our work in the Automotive Sector, and again for ‘Social Media Agency Of The Year’! This recognition reaffirms our commitment to excellence and innovation in the field of social media marketing.

Find out more about us on IG, LinkedIn and our brand new Website – see you there!

Us, At A Glance

Delivering clear and measurable value for brands through social media.

Instead of getting lost in the noise of follower count, or getting tripped up over algorithmic jargon, we shoot straight and deliver real results.

For starters, we’re a pandemic baby and that means we know a thing or two about adapting to unforeseen circumstances, thriving in unpredictable environments and responding to changes at the flip of a coin. This resilience is a cornerstone of our success.

Our team of 36+ experts and creatives are tried-and-tested in the field and provenly fantastic at what they do. There‘s a reason we’re able to boast a 94% retention rate on all of our client retainers. Whilst our ideas are out of the box, we’re methodical with our approach – routing all of our actions in data, and a careful study of our surroundings.

The Social Chameleon team

Our Proven Search-First Approach

We are particularly proud of our Search-First Social Media approach, which has earned us a spot on the shortlist for this year’s awards.

Younger audiences mean fresher approaches to Social Media Marketing, and in the context of SEO, that means expanding strategies to fit the Social Media dominated world of Gen Z users.

By tailoring SEO strategies to fit with platforms emphasising digestible and user-friendly content, we’ve tapped into something special. And it’s nice to be noticed for it.

Our integration of SEO with social media content generation has been a game-changer.  By prioritising SEO in devising holistic social media marketing strategy planning, we’ve seen 34.6% growth in users already in 2024. We’ve been thrilled to consistently guide our clients toward:

  • Transforming site traffic from niche to mainstream
  • Significantly improving user satisfaction
  • Expanding audiences through enhanced engagement

Most recently, we’ve shown our expertise through our campaign of Leveraging Storytelling in the Automotive Sector. Employing our Search-First method, we’ve helped our client reach new heights in engagement across platforms and channels – demonstrating the value we are committed to bring to the table.

This has involved a multi-faceted employment of Search-First tools, from prioritising SEO to sit at the core of all marketing decisions, to allowing authentic UGC across the Big 3 channels (Instagram, TikTok and YouTube) to shine outside of the usual Google-centric routes to traffic growth.  Our deep understanding of Social Media’s extensive reach for our clients demonstrates our prowess in leveraging its full potential.

What This Means To Us

The team at Social Chameleon is overjoyed to be shortlisted for the Global Agency Awards. This recognition is a testament to our hard work and innovative strategies. It is incredibly rewarding to see our efforts acknowledged beyond our desks.

Winning these awards would be an honour for us, and we would be immensely grateful for the recognition of our team’s efforts. We believe that our Search-First approach represents the future of social media marketing, and these nominations validate our enthusiasm to keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

But why not have a look for yourself? Feel free to stalk our socials

Want to see what we can do for you? Reach out today!

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