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Exposure Ninja Shortlisted for Best Flexible Working Policy

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Published Date 17.05.2024

Exposure Ninja is a digital marketing agency famous for their award-winning, results-driven search campaigns. They are known in the industry as pioneers and early adopters of remote and flexible working with a fully remote and flexible workplace since their inception in 2012.

Exposure Ninja has been shortlisted for the Best Flexible Working Policy Award at the prestigious Global Agency Awards. Their commitment to providing staff with an inclusive work environment that accomplishes a good work/life balance and provides a place where everyone can thrive is at the heart of their policy.

Here’s what makes their approach so special:

  • 100% Remote Work: The Exposure Ninja team (known as “Ninjas”) all work from home. Office locations in London, Nottingham and the Philippines are only used occasionally by the team with no expectation of commuting giving team members more free time to do what they love!
  • Flexible Working Hours: The company understands that life doesn’t always fit into a 9-to-5 schedule. By offering flexible working hours, Exposure Ninja accommodates personal commitments, such as school runs, caring for dependents and caring for animals.
  • Inclusive Employment Practices: Exposure Ninja is committed to fairness and equality. Their flexible working policy opens doors for individuals with dependents, disabilities, care responsibilities, or those living in rural areas. Research shows that such flexibility could bring 1.3 million additional people into the UK workforce, highlighting the significant impact of their inclusive approach.
  • Merit-Based Hiring: With a flexible, remote working model, Exposure Ninja can attract top talent from anywhere, ensuring they always have the best person for the job. This global talent pool enriches their team with diverse skills and perspectives, enhancing their ability to serve clients.

Their flexible working policy is peppered with all sorts of benefits to the team, such as call-free Friday afternoons, flexible bank holidays, 20 hours of paid volunteering time and remote events like their much-loved Wellness Week in which the company encourages employees to join wellbeing workshops and activities. 

Charlie Marchant, CEO at Exposure Ninja, says: “Our flexible working policy isn’t just a policy. It’s a part of our culture and who we are as a team. We want all our team to live happy, fulfilling lives doing what they love both inside and outside of work and our innovative policy is designed with this approach in mind.”

Charlie adds: “We’re really proud to be a finalist at the Global Agency Awards for our flexible working policy and we hope to inspire more businesses through it.”

In an era where the traditional office setup is being redefined, Exposure Ninja stands out as a leader in creating a workplace that truly works for everyone. Their nomination for the Best Flexible Working Policy is well-deserved and highlights their commitment to innovation, inclusivity, and excellence in the digital marketing industry.

Exposure Ninja is a leading digital marketing agency with offices in London, Nottingham and the Philippines. They are a certified B Corp with a strong commitment to inclusive policies and ways of working. Find out more about Exposure Ninja and their flexible working approach here.

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