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Birthmark make it on the shortlist for an award at the Global Agency Awards

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Published Date 05.06.2023

Birthmark is delighted to be shortlisted as a finalist in the Global Agency Awards’ Media Buying Agency. We started off as a modest digital agency in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand with just a tiny crew. Now at the fifth year of operation, our team has expanded significantly, and we can now fully say that we offer comprehensive online marketing services; performance marketing, creative marketing, and technology integration. For every service provided, we help clients create strategies with “sales” as an ultimate goal in mind.

The working value that takes us to success.

HITS is our key value which stands for high responsibilities, insightful, team of yours is mine, and sales oriented. Our media buying team strictly abides by these values and places great importance on reaching a goal of sales in order to help our clients generate as much return as possible.

Working in the media buying industry, we know that every result is not necessarily a quality result, that is why we came up with the “cost per quality result” objective. This is the main shared objective of our media performance team so that we only provide high-quality results to our clients.

Here’s a peek at the success we have achieved in 2022!

Noww Mega

“Success despite limitations” defines our greatest achievement with Noww Mega, a mega project condominium under Areeya Property PLC. We were restrained with a limited budget, and the brand faced negative comments regarding the site’s crowdedness. Despite that, we are able to achieve 58% of sales while only 35% of the budget was used. Also, since this is a new project, there is a lack of creative material, and only one photo of the condominium is available for use. However, even with this obstacle, our team was able to produce engaging ad creatives, and combined with effective optimization, the campaign was successful.


In 2022, we helped contribute to a sold-out of 5 projects under Assetwise PLC. With our help, Assetwise PLC. was able to spend less of the marketing budget, creating a high gross profit margin of 44%. Consequently, the used online marketing budget decreased by 21% while the sales increased by 19%. It is a big success!

Our feelings on being nominated.

“We are over the moon!” Currently, our media performance service is growing stronger than ever, so we are super thrilled to be recognized in this area. In the past few years, the revenue generated from media performance service has increased by 125%, and the number of staff of the media planner and optimiser team now accounts for 35% of the company. Our media buying team has poured so much effort into every campaign. We provide our clients with the best results possible and present them with innovative solutions. Of course, the harder you work, the sweeter the reward!

What would it mean to win?

First of all, we would feel truly honored if we were able to receive this award. It is apparent that this is a prestigious award given to just the best few. The award is not just an indicator of the successes and the great performance that we have delivered to our clients this year, but it is also a huge motivation for our team. The feeling of being recognized on a global scale will inspire our media buying team to work harder and strive for excellence, improvement, and utmost client satisfaction. We believe that this will keep the passion in our company continuously ignited, and it will be a great fuel for each of our workers. We only aim to deliver better results in the years to come.

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