4 Nominations for Elevate at the Global Agency Awards

Yes, we can’t deny that Elevate Digital is growing internationally. The submitted cases for the Global Agency Awards are about Elevate Digital as an organization, the strategies we use, our achievements in 2021 and a number of customer cases in the fashion, home & lifestyle industry. In 2021 we won three Global awards. This year we are nominated in four categories for Digital, B2C, Ecommerce and Marketing Agency of the year. Do we keep our title high? We will know on June 16.

Our nominations?

Elevate Digital takes part in the Global Agency Awards to celebrate worldwide marketing chances and opportunities with others, to transform our work in the marketing sector to a higher level – together. The reason why Elevate Digital is nominated is because we create campaigns through different marketing channels with our own strategic model and data-driven results to realize, grow and carry out an influence within the market. We are nominated for ‘Digital Agency of the year’. We work together with our clients, who also have a growth-mindset, on marketing, branding, copywriting, advertising, e-commerce web designs and in short we implement effective marketing strategies. For that reason the Global Agency Awards nominated us for ‘B2C Agency of the year’. We tackle challenges with both hands. Our collaboration with e-commerce clients ensures our nomination within the category ‘Ecommerce Agency of the year’. And last but not least we love to prove ourselves and never leave our innovative strategies behind. For that reason we are also nominated for ‘Marketing Agency of the year’.

Our submitted cases were about Elevate Digital as organization, de strategies we manage, our achievements in 2021 and about client cases in the home, fashion & lifestyle branche. In our submitted cases we show how we handle our new approach with our own method which is our ‘Growth Maturity Model’. We showed within our submitted cases how we deal with challenges. Which results in sky high growth results such as a ROAS of 630% growth for an e-commerce client and 275% growth for one of our collaborations with a fashion brand. This kind of growth is a result of our own growth maturity model as base for our strategy. We made a 360 change for this fashion brand based on our own method. As it turned out the ads did not have the right focus. With our collaboration and change of strategy we created a new focus with new opportunities to grow lightning fast. Now we must admit that this kind of a result was even above our expectations. Such experiences taste for more, that is why we keep striving to skyhigh results with a data driven approach.

Do we keep our title high?

We feel proud to gain recognition for our hard work and sky high growth results too. We have made it to the finals, which is a major achievement since the judges of the Global Agency Awards are very strict and look into several subjects. We are proud to reach imaginable high results and are always raising the bar. Do we keep our title high?

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