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Think Tank, Nominated for 6 Global Agency Awards

Author image Published by Sue Johns-Chapman
Published Date 16.05.2022

The Think Tank is honoured to have received 6 nominations at this year’s Global Agency Awards, delighted at the recognition of our team’s efforts. Our shortlisted work includes campaigns for two of our outstanding clients, Asendia and IRIS, who we’d like to thank for their vision and dedication. 

The Asendia Industries and the IRIS “Time to Grow” campaigns each appear in 3 categories. They’re competing against each other in the Best Marketing Campaign category, as well as the Campaign Effectiveness category. 

Asendia will also compete for Best Global Campaign, and IRIS for Best Integrated Campaign. 

IRIS Time to Grow Campaign

For IRIS, we created a unique and impactful campaign with “Time to Grow,” building brand awareness and lead generation for the five IRIS divisions: accountancy, finance, human resources, payroll and education.

We designed a campaign that ran parallel to and extended the UK government’s ‘Help to Grow’ scheme, which supports businesses in their digital transformation. The core idea was that by streamlining and optimising processes, IRIS software can give businesses back time.

The Think Tank built the dynamic concept around five superhero timesaving experts, “The IRIS Masters of Time,” representing the five IRIS divisions. The heroes were on a mission to save businesses time, thus enabling them to grow, and offering 50% off all IRIS software. 

We engaged the primary target audience – SMEs – through striking visuals and a clear, memorable message that IRIS could own and perpetuate – Time to Grow. We utilised a highly targeted strategy to deliver maximum impact and exceptional results, delivering a custom microsite, digital advertising packages and radio ads. Our social media videos earned over 45,000 views in a month.

Overall, the campaign far exceeded original sales and pipeline estimates:

  • Generated over 30.4 million impressions
  • Produced 122,129 clicks
  • Increased organic traffic by 97% YOY
  • Increased direct traffic by 79% YOY

Asendia Industries Campaign

Our Asendia campaign objective was to demonstrate our client’s expertise in two key sectors, Fashion and Apparel and Health and Beauty, across 8 countries (Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, US and UK). Providing insight and valuable educational content, the work would generate leads that could be converted into sales.

We engaged our target audience through a vibrant campaign that featured bold, youthful fashion- and beauty-based visuals. We utilised vivid, eye-catching colours perhaps not usually associated with an international mail provider, inspiring audiences to think differently about Asendia and draw their attention to the singular content.

The Think Tank deployed this creative theme across advertising, landing pages and content to provide consistency and deliver recognition. The content was based around guides to e-commerce within each sector, featuring market overviews, key stats and figures, insights into market shifts and growth, the considerations and expectations of consumers and a focus upon conscious consumerism.

Other channels utilised included: Google Display and LinkedIn Sponsored posts, custom landing pages with downloadable content, a unique e-commerce calendar, sector-specific infographics and blog posts.

Overall, we brought together a broad range of genuinely helpful and engaging assets for the audiences, resulting in a highly successful campaign for our valued client. 

Over the six months of the campaign, we generated 1,179 qualified marketing leads, doubling our target.

About The Think Tank

Based in central London, The Think Tank is a leading marketing, digital and PR agency, offering a complete range of award-winning marketing services, including brand development, strategic thinking, tactical marketing campaigns, digital communications, PR and design.

Founded upon creative thinking, we have supported our clients to deliver successful marketing and PR activities in the UK, EMEA and beyond for 29 years.

For more information, please contact us at: [email protected], or by phone at +44 (0) 20 7831 2225

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